Fortified church - unparalleled in Germany

The largest fortified church of Germany can be found in Ostheim and is a monument of national importance. WIth its base of approximately 60x60 meters it is not only the biggest fortified church, but also one of the most beautiful fortfified churches in Germany by its unique upkeep conditions. With its five towers, six bastions and several dungeons it is better fortified than many other castles on hill and thus presents a unique treasure of a late middle-age defence construction technique. Inside the castle the church of St. Micheal, built in renaissance style stand in its centre.

The fortress

The layout of the fortified church has a square form and is created like a morris board:

An outer rind wall with a height of up to 5 meters with tower bastions at the corners and another bastion in the middle between the corner bastions, an inner ring wall with the height of up to 8 meters.: three of the four corner towers are still standing today with a height of 25 meters.
The "Waagglocken" tower at the southwestern corner can be climbed. The distance between the towers is 66 meters. The gate connecting the old city and the fortified castle has been the only access to the castle in former times. On the outside cantilevers for a port cullis can be seen. A tarnished wing of the gate shows the year 1622 and contains a little doow as a gap for those coming late.

THe cellars and sheds

Partly broad paths and partly chic lanes with stairways lead through the hut-like superstructures of the vault cellars. These sheds and the cellars were formerly privately owned and served as a safe storeroom for the goods and chattels of the citizens of Ostheim. The sheds had a different form in former times. For the purpose of preservation they were standardized by the city. The 66 vault cellars serve as storeroom for the local people until today.

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City church of St. Michael (1615 – 1619)

Stadtkirche St. Michael

The heart of the fortified church is the protestant city church of St. Micheal.
In the 16th century the Reformation took place and Oshteim flourished culturally and economically. In 1596 Ostheim was granted with the town charter. The number of inhabitants had increased to its double number. The old chruch from 1410 was to small meanwhile. The present chruch is one of the first Lutheran sermon churches in central Germany built after the Reformation.

At the southern side the sumptuous, in Renaissance style built main entrance, is the eye-catcher. The Church space with its double choir offers more than 1.000 seats.
The ceiling painting shows the celestial throne of God according to Revelation 4 and 5.
The choirs are aligned towards the pulpit with the four Evangelists.
Around the windows at the southern wall Christian symbols were arranged with grey painting: God's love, loyalty and provident care together with David and Goliath, Kain and Abel.

A picture frame work in form of a pulpit shows the history of Jesus Christ.
On the opposite side of the pulpit the office booth in baroque style from 1738 can be seen.
In the same year the organ in the choir room was built.
The baptismal font from 1610 shows biblical baptism pictures. The stone made offertory boy from 1619 invites to do charity also today.
Along the walls impressive tomb stone from the old church are set up.

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